It often seems like there are some people in life who are truly lucky and have all the success coming their way, while others seem to be doomed to a life of failure, lack and deprivation. Then there are still others who fall somewhere in the middle and are destined to a life of mediocrity.

Powerseries puts the responsibility and power for a life of success and abundance back into your hands. Hashem doesn’t discriminate. His Shefa, or abundance, in all areas of life is available to all people equally. Powerseries teaches you how to use the different options Hashem has given human beings in order to create the life experience you truly desire and are worthy of.

Discover how to use the power of congruent desires, balanced with tefilla and emuna, followed by the power of focus and calculated action steps to manifest your dreams.

Join Powerseries if you truly wish to make the most of the awesome power Hashem has given you to get whatever it is you sincerely want in life.

Program benefits:

Powerful, practical processes that can be applied over and over to help you achieve your goals in life. Discover the inner work you can do to change your outer reality and to live your life by design rather than default. Experience miracles in your life on a regular basis!!

Recommended for:

Anyone seeking practical guidance on how to realize their desires such as a shidduch, a dream house, the ideal job, financial abundance, physical health and vitality, emotional freedom and literally anything that is important to you.

Program Details and Features:

  • 20 weekly live classes given via teleconference each Monday morning at 10:30 AM EST
  • Classes run for 30 minutes each, followed by 30 minute live Q&A. This program is given workshop-style and is interactive.
  • MP3 disc of recordings and book of notes will be for sale upon completion of the program
  • All classes are recorded, and they remain accessible for the duration of the program.

Program Fee: $395

Program Begins: January 9, 2017

Program Ends: July 2017

Listen to class excerpts below:

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Call our demo line at 718-285-3970

Register by January 9th 2017!